The Master

I think after the film about the Bat, 'The Master' has to be the film I'm mostly looking forward to this year. 'There Will Be Blood' was my favourite film in recent time, and Paul Thomas Anderson looks to have created another great film with that same menacing, dark and dramatic tone, (which I love). The music as well, by Jonny Greenwood, takes me back to those amazing shots of Day-Lewis maniacally planning his next move.

Looks like Joaquin got his shit together after his 'rap career' or the experiment for 'I'm Still Here' - I can already see him collecting awards for this performance. Looks to be a total transformation and he's even doing that thing where not only is his accent different, but the whole way he's forming speech with his mouth is transformed - I think he's giving his all for this role and will be great to see him tussle with Philip Seymour Hoffman too.