Drive (2011) - The Quadrant System

Another great analysis of film grammar from Tony Zhou. This type of directing separates the pro's from the amateurs.

It was this level of detail that always amazed me in great films. It made me think twice about being a director back in film school too. Being able to continually layer story elements into every single aspect of the film to make it so rich, was something I personally found daunting. Many people underestimate what a director does, 'the guy that shouts', 'the guy that speaks to the actors', 'the guy who points the camera'' etc etc. Of course it is all those things (and many many more), especially the shouting, but there's a level of thought, detail and expression that is simply mind-blowing on great films.

I'll always be in awe of the talent of great film directors and how deeply they've thought about expressing their stories.