The Evolution of Batman in Cinema

Showing how Batman's cinematic image has evolved through time is a fun idea for a film, and it is superbly executed by Jacob T. Swinney.

It's incredible to see it start at something resembling Nosferatu, to the knowingly silly cartoon-like Adam West to the Gothic and dark Tim Burton 1989. Much like the films, I've not really thought too much about the Schumacher films (!), so just skip those.

Fun to see one animation film sneak in there, there is some great work in the various animations been created through the years, and the Mask of the Phantasm has a lovely Art Deco design to it, which really lends itself well to the Batman mythos.

Much like Batman himself, Swinney's edit comes into its own when Zimmer's score kicks in and we see the Nolan/Bale iteration kick in. And what a thrill. Some fantastic imagery in that trilogy which are all present here, and (if you'd forgotten) reminds you how cool those films are.

Now I want to watch them all again...again.