LV= Sick Pay Insurance

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Here’s our first YouTube TrueView ad we’ve created from scratch working closely with LV= and Google.

I’m really happy with how it’s turned out and hope it succeeds with driving awareness of Sick Pay Insurance for people, with a very different approach to the audience.

Rather than a dry, tepid, maybe even depressing, way to describe what Sick Pay Insurance is for (the clue is in the title), we wanted to turn it on its head and actually create something that entertains first, makes you question what you’re watching and then if it resonates, you might click through to find out more.

A TrueView ad, and the way its served in front of a YouTube video you WANT to watch, can be an unwanted interruption. So why not make it a gift instead for the viewer?

It’s the Little Things – Time to Change Campaign 2014

Posted on Feb 2, 2014 in Blog, Commercials, Digital

Led by Mind and Rethink Mental Illness, Time to Change is England’s biggest programme to challenge mental health stigma and discrimination. Mental health problems are common – but nearly nine out of ten people who experience them say they face stigma and discrimination as a result. This can be even worse than the symptoms themselves.

Across the Pond developed the creative and produced a series of online films, TV and radio commercials and print for Time to Change’s new campaign for 2014, with it’s focus being on the small things you can do to support someone experiencing a mental health problem. Whether that’s sending a text, chatting over a cuppa, giving them a call to find out how they are or inviting them out, for example, all these are small things that show you’re there for someone and can really make a difference.

The campaign shows that anyone can experience a mental health problem, reduces the discomfort and awkwardness in talking about mental health and gives people the tools to help them feel able to support friends, family and colleagues affected by mental health problems.

Everyone featured in the campaign has either had personal experience of mental health problems or been there to support a friend, colleague or loved one with their mental health by doing the little things.

You can help to get the nation talking by:

* Sharing the new TV advert with your friends, family and colleagues
* Signing the pledge wall and sharing online
* Taking part in Time to Talk Day on 6th February
* Joining the conversation on Facebook or Twitter

We are extremely proud to have been involved with this project, like many, it’s a cause close to our hearts and we hope that this campaign helps people talk about their mental health issues with their friends, family and colleagues.

It’s Time to Talk. It’s Time to Change.


Client: Time to Change
Head of Social Marketing: Sarah Cohen
Social Marketing Officer: Victoria Judd

Media Agency: MediaCom
Director of Content: Thea Cole

Creative & Production Agency: Across the Pond
Head of Strategy: Robert Waddilove
Head of Production: Beki Gard
Creative: Dan Harrison & Jonny Watson
Creative Director: Oliver Dove
Director: Clare Price
Producer: Miketta Lane
Director of Photography: Katie Swain
Production Manager: Charlie Bettice
Location Manager: Ben MacGregor
Post Producer: Sarah Antrobus
Editor: Xavier Perkins
Audio: Rich Martin
TK: Vicki Matich
Producer: Aaron Hutchinson
Designer: Tom Kilburn

Print Campaign

John Hegarty on Creativity

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Great list to refer back to be more creative…

1 Be fearless – be single minded in the face of opposition

2 Keep it simple – don’t try to say or do too many things at once

3 Stop thinking, start feeling -creativity is driven by the heart, we respond more to emotions than logic

4 Get angry – channel the things that annoy/upset you into more creative tasks rather than getting stressed

5 Juxtaposition – don’t be afraid to place two things next to one another that wouldn’t normally sit together – even in your head

6 When the world zigs, zag –
look in the opposite direction to everyone else

7 Avoid cynics – they drain your
confidence – see number one

8 Ask Why? a lot – question everything like a child

9 Philosophy – always be looking, thinking, watching. Absorb everything around you

10 Remove your headphones! – don’t cut yourself off from your environment.

The book is out on the 10 March 2014.

Hegarty on Creativity: There are No Rules

A homage to Braun

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One of many beautiful posters from this site.
All designed to promote a cool exhibition of Dieter Rams’ infamous industrial design work.
Loads more info in this great Creative Review blogpost.

Looking forward to going myself.

Systems is open until December 31 at the Walter Knoll London showroom, 42 Charterhouse Square, EC1M 6EA.

Mac Pro

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I just can’t wait to test one of these bad boys out, and is there a man made product out there that has such a beautiful production process?

Honda – Illusions

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Nice to see such a beautifully crafted commercial now and again.

Tim & Eric Halloween Special

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Something to look forward to…

Apple – Intention

Posted on Jun 14, 2013 in Blog

Love this.

High octane POV music vid

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Biting Elbows – ‘Bad Motherfucker’ (Insane Office Escape 2)

Really love the energy in this film, and it’s really well done (nearly said executed, but thought it might come off as a lame pun). It’s like a cross between GTA, Doom and those mental ‘Crank’ films.
Also with good use of locations and a small budget it’s a really impressive little video. It’s almost a calling card for Hollywood. Nic Cage could be in this guys next film…

Bob Gill: a life less ordinary

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“If you’re designing a logo for a dry cleaners, don’t sit at your computer, go to a dry cleaners!”

Sounds like OFFSET in Dublin was a really cool event. This talk sounded particularly inspiring, with great ideas on how to work.

How marbles are made

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Saw this on Reddit this week – really cute little video (upbeat music, no?!).
Amazing how much work goes into it, great craftsmanship.

40 years of mobile phones

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As it’s been 40 years since the worlds first mobile phone call, I thought I’d re-link to a mental post I did almost a year ago, which listed all the phones I’ve owned. My prediction for the next iPhone (5) was right, and I’m on course to get the 5S version, likely a speed bump to the sexy new (and seemingly super scratch prone) iPhone 5 design, later this year….



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Just saw this beaut of a caddy on Kickstarter, it can hold your phone, pens and stuff. It’s made out of bamboo and looks damn good. It’s already reached it’s target, so no need to back, but when it goes on sale I’ll be ordering.


Cool stop motion brewery tour

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Beautifully produced stop motion for Brooklyn Brewery, with hints of slo-mo and motion design in there too. (Shame that beer isn’t that great).

A behind the scenes is on the link below too.

Brace yourselves….

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Cool beer packaging

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I saw this linked from Coudal Partners, and really loved some of the designs, especially this one from Nelson —>


Upon looking into this beer brand (as I’d never seen or heard or it) it’s actually a brand from Fosters, the drink fondly referred to as cat’s piss in the UK. This is quite different from Fosters (in design anyway). This page, from the designers of Nelson’s branding, Taboo, really shows off some awesome design work.

I’m especially interested in beer packaging at the moment, as my brother-in-law is contemplating a micro-brewery and we’re talking about product names and branding. I’d love to go down this route, imagine how you’d savour that beer! Now, pass me an ice cold Pale Ale.


Manliest Fight Ever

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Just saw this on Reddit, insane fight. Amazed they could keep the ferocity of the punches going for so long. Apart from one guys face looking like a pillow at the end of it, they both must have been exhausted. Special note on the music too, excellent choice by the editor there.

The Shoemaker

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Lovely micro doc about a shoemaker, can’t believe he’s over 90 years old. Do what you love?

Brands: Please Stop Trying to Start Conversations On Twitter

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Great article from AdAge

The brands that really achieve earned media at scale are the ones who relevantly insert themselves into ongoing conversations in a fun or witty way. And if the last year has taught us anything about social, it’s that the window of opportunity to enter these discussions will get smaller and smaller.

It just has to be honest, it can’t be contrived (or even perceived to be so). Just has to feel organic. The Oreo Superbowl response, is a good example of this.

Generating money

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I’ve been brought out of self imposed blogging obscurity to highlight something I noticed in an American Express mail out I received today. Here’s a promotion to get 20% off gift vouchers.

So that’s like generating money right?

Reminds me of this beauty from Tim & Eric:


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Love this

Beautifully shot, awesome location, phenomenal skateboarding skills, superb editing – I could go on.

Samsara – Quick Review

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I mentioned Samsara a few weeks ago, after we watched a trailer for it in our weekly creative meeting at work.
We managed to get a load of tickets to a screening at the Curzon Soho this week, so off we went!

As you can guess from the trailer, it’s a visual feast which predominantly uses montage (made up of highly detailed and lush 70mm footage – with some compositions strongly reminiscent of Andreas Gursky) to create a loose narrative. It works very well with strong use of juxtapositions. Life and death through various factory production lines; cows turning into beef and milk, chickens hoovered up and turned into plastic packs of thighs, electronics being formed by banks of people repeating the same motion over and over, guns and bullets being assembled by the crate load. Then other images of incredible vistas; temples in Asia surrounded by seas of long green grass, windswept deserts (reminiscent of Lean’s Arabia) and a hypnotic timelapse of Muslims swarming around the Kaaba.

It’s hard to call out any stand out moments as each individual ‘scene’ has the ability to blow your mind, but outside of the incredible vistas, it was the scene of a performance artist using copious amounts of clay to cover his face which was tonally the most standout – a ‘character’ piece and very dark. The dance sequence in the prison was captivating, showing male and female prisoners nonchalantly watch their cohabitants dance with verve, passion and joy.

Having Lisa Gerrard working as one of the composers of the soundtrack makes for a formidable accomplice in creating a soundtrack as epic as the images.

In summary, a quite hypnotic film which fills you with wonderful images that you most likely have never seen, nor even aware of. Ultimately it does a sterling job of connecting the dots that inhabit this planet.

Official synposis
“Expanding on the themes they developed in Baraka (1992) and Chronos (1985), Samsara explores the wonders of our world from the mundane to the miraculous, looking into the unfathomable reaches of man’s spirituality and the human experience. Neither a traditional documentary nor a travelogue, Samsara takes the form of a nonverbal, guided meditation.”

Frasier’s Apartment Floor Plan

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Love this floor plan of Frasier’s apartment, drawn with great detail by nikneuk in deviantART, what a place – dream apartment.