Donald Thump

This has tickled me since I saw it earlier this week. It's so layered, I think that's why it gets me everytime I think about it.

  • The fact that Trump's words have not been changed at all is incredible. This guy is like a bad guy Mayor in a DC/Marvel comic. Arrogantly picking on people, thinking all he has to do is pick on them to ruin their chances!
  • Serafinowicz's idea to dub it as cockney, is inspired. Further pushes this gangster type approach, and also rids Trump of his cultural class prominence in the US. Having him suddenly have a working class cockney voice somehow takes him into a British class system, levelling the playing field somewhat. Where in the US wealth is the more defining of class.
  • Serafinowicz's execution is just perfect. Timed brilliantly and some beautifully expressed parts. Especially the part at 0.40 "Wwwwweeeeeee 'aven't even focused on 'ilary or Bernie Sanders yet!" and the end "Nah...'e's too easy...too easy". 
  • And just imagining Serafinowicz sitting in a booth doing it. Tears of laughter