HBO Now's promo

As HBO finally announced its own stream only service (no cable package required), to really ramp up its battle with Netflix, it took a really fun and off-beat way to promote it with this video. Part tipping its hat at how long it’s taken to get this off the ground, and by featuring Jake Caputo who launched, to see how much people would pay for a stream only version of HBO in 2012, would’ve been one cool way to announce this. But also including and referencing one of its own heavyweight shows with the inclusion of Walnuts and Pussy from The Soprano’s was inspired.

Yeah, it’s nowhere near as well executed as an episode of The Soprano’s, but what a thrill to see two favourites back on screen, they’re looking a little older, but still got the magnetic mix of humour, real life struggle with modern life (‘tweeter’, ‘spin class’) and violence. Miss those guys and that show.