Becoming Steve Jobs

Just started reading Becoming Steve Jobs this morning, and it's already showing insight and great writing. Loved these two quotes particularly, which I imagine set up the rest of the book.

His was a truly Shakespearean tale, full of arrogance, intrigue, and pride, of perceived villains and ham -handed fools, of outrageous luck ,good intentions, and unimagined consequences. 
We can learn as much, if not more, from failure, from promising paths that turn into dead ends. The vision, understanding, patience, and wisdom that informed Steve’s last decade were forged in the trials of these intervening years. The failures, stinging reversals, miscommunications, bad judgment calls, emphases on wrong values— the whole Pandora’s box of immaturity— were necessary prerequisites to the clarity , moderation, reflection, and steadiness he would display in later years.