Google Compare - Student becomes teacher

A film we recently created with the Google Compare team , to kick off the launch of the product in the US, starting in California. We wanted to make an emotive film focusing on the benefits of the product, rather than a more prescriptive film listing the features. That's what the website is for, right? 

I love the relationship of the Grandfather and Granddaughter - such good performances, they feel so natural and real. The locations in LA gave a literal warmth to every shot and having an old Mustang (even if not a Bullitt era one) made for a film as much about Americana as it was about insurance. 

This was an approach I love to take with this type of branded content/ad, and there's been some great comments on the film on YouTube already, I hope it gets a bit of media spend behind it for a little more exposure.

Had a great time on the shoot - here's some Behind the Scenes shots I grabbed too

We also made a 45second shorter version, which focuses more on Grandpa's need to get insurance (over doing up the car).