Google Zeitgeist Americas 2015

I just got back from a trip to Phoenix, Arizona, overseeing all the content going up to the YouTube channel and website for the annual Google Zeitgeist event. Zeitgeist is Google’s annual gathering of the world’s thought leaders, explorers, thinkers, scientists and creators.

This year some highlights were:
Live video chat with the ISS between two astronaut twins 
John Legend, Bryan Stevenson discussing justice
Getty Images shows off the cool 360 screen at the event and talks about the power of image

Kanye West also spoke, he had a chart showing all the industries he wants to impact, it was pretty huge - look forward to be able to share (waiting for the video to go live).

Here's the highlights from the event, with some clips from the talks.

In addition to the talks at the event, Google takes great care to create interesting ways to interact with their latest products, some which may not be public yet. While out there I noticed Louis Cole (FunForLouis) vlogging, and he's just released two videos which really capture how it feels walking around an event like Zeitgeist, where the talks are obviously the main thing going on, but a whole world is going on around that (as well as the highly useful networking for the attendees).

Going to Phoenix also provides the opportunity to have an In-N-Out burger (or three)....