I'm a fellow at Digital Transformations!

I think this must have been added quite recently, as I hadn't seen it before. But my details have been added to the list of fellows at Digital Transformations!

I'm very proud to have been invited to take part in this fascinating project, and looking forward to more of the events and stimulating discussions.

I think this quote says it best about the project:

A generation ago, cultural and media organisations – such as the BBC or the National Gallery – had a reasonably straightforward relationship with their audiences. They created material – such as TV programmes, publications and exhibitions – in a ‘broadcaster’ mode, and it was consumed (or not) by the public.

But today, these organisations are merely one part of a creative ecosystem, within which communities of amateur enthusiasts may be the producers of the most innovative material.

This project studies those changing relationships, and explores ways in which cultural organisations can work with creative communities to make great things.