I am the Director of Creative & Strategy at Across the Pond. We are an agency specialised in creating films that people want to watch.

I approach work coming from different angles based on my varied experience. After leaving film school (as a producer, who loved to edit) my first job was editing and producing executive sports. I then moved onto producing TV commercials and had my first online video success with a Mattress Domino ‘viral’ which gained over a million views on a £10k budget. I was also producing spec commercials and short films for a variety of directors, which got into film festivals around the world.

In the first few years with Across the Pond, at Google, I worked as an editor, producer and Head of Post Production. I then moved on from editing and jumped to Exec Producing our work as I wanted to be involved earlier in the process.

I love working with clients and our team, and have a fierce desire to understand the brand/product/service and the audience. Where do we reach them and how to best connect with them? It’s a buzz to connect people to things in creative and relevant ways.

I’ve stopped watching ‘TV’, but have never watched so many great TV shows. I’ve also stopped watching ‘the news’, but I still get through over 1000 news articles in Twitter and my newsfeed every day.
We love stories, we’re just finding them in different places now.

I also have the useful skill of being able to compare almost any real life situation with an episode of Seinfeld.

Robert was made a fellow of the Digital Transformations project in 2012.

Robert received YouTube Certification for Audience Development in June 2014.



Best Branded Short of the Year – Win
‘Google Analytics In Real Life – Online Checkout’
Executive Producer

Cannes Lions
‘Google Analytics In Real Life – Online Checkout’
Executive Producer

Polaroid Newcomer Award – Shortlisted

BTAA/Kodak Student Commercial Awards
Best in Brief – Win
Best Overall – Win
Cycle of Life
Producer & Director

TCM Classic Shorts
Best Short Film – Shortlisted
‘Practise Makes Perfect’